Automatic Diffuser
Effective and economical automatic insect repellent and killing aerosol diffuser, ideal for fighting bad smells and flying insects such as flies and mosquitoes. Excellent for use in domestic and civil premises such as bars, restaurants, kitchens, company canteens, hotels, toilets, public places. Used with our insecticide cans or with our aerosol perfumes, it nebulises a small amount of product at a programmed time at intervals of 8, 15 or 30 minutes. AIR CONTROL is also available in photocell version.
Deodorant cylinders
AIR CONTROL aerosol deodorants are ready to use with our automatic dispensers that chemically attack bad odors and release a pleasant scent into the air for a long time. All our cylinders have a dosed valve that guarantees 3000 deliveries. They are available in 20 different fragrances that do not contain propellants or solvents considered harmful to the ozone layer: Pine, Lemon Fresh, Lavender, Bouquet, Fern, Orange, Spring, Esotic Fresh, Verbena, Jarmin, Vanilla, Strawberry, Peach, Mint, Coffee, Mango, Green Apple, Fresh Linen, Cinnamon, Melon. The package contains 48 cylinders of 250 ml (8 boxes of 6 cylinders).
Insecticide cylinders
Insecticide cylinders specially designed for use in our automatic dispensers. They allow the environment to be free from any flying insect (flies, mosquitoes, wasps, etc.) in a few minutes. All our insecticides are duly registered and authorized by the Ministry of Health. AIR CONTROL is a formulation based only on Natural Pyrethrum (7%). It has an immediate repellent action, a good killing action and no residual effects. FLY CONTROL, based on Natural Pyrethrum (2%) and Bioallethrin (0.75%), combines the quality of two different active ingredients obtaining an interesting price / performance ratio. The package contains 48 cylinders of 250 ml (8 boxes of 6 cylinders).