Italian scorpions are small animals that cannot, in most cases, harm health. However, the "legends" about them make them believe they are very dangerous creatures. However, scorpion infestations remain a concrete reality, the cross of many people who face this problem. A professional pest control therefore becomes essential to really solve the situation.

In our country there are large concentrations of scorpions, but as already mentioned they are not dangerous at all. However, if there are dozens of scorpions in a house, it is natural that a pest control team should be called.

Attention, living in Italy does not mean being completely safe from poisonous scorpions, we are talking about rare but still real cases, where it is possible to meet truly dangerous species. We refer to those cases where the animal escapes to its rightful owner, or arrives accidentally (as has happened in the past) in our country during the transport of materials or objects that arrive from afar.

Scorpion disinfestation, how is it done?

Scorpions are arthropods (related to the arachnid family) that can sneak into your home. They use many materials as shelter including wood, hay, boxes, clothes, shoes…. A good cleaning to begin with proves to be an excellent method of prevention against these small animals.

Objects left to fend for themselves (like boxes in the attic for example) are a perfect hiding place for these arthropods. Every year there are numerous reports of people who need a house disinfestation from scorpions. In fact cellars, attics, stables, gardens etc. these are all places that can be at risk of infestations.

Call us and we will help you by identifying (after a careful inspection) where they hide and planning a specific intervention for your situation. The use of insecticides with a residual and prolonged action is common in the disinfestation of scorpions.

The work must be done flawlessly, otherwise the intervention can be rather temporary. In fact, scorpions cause significant infestations, which can significantly compromise the home or work environment.

The area affected by scorpions can be worked on thanks to various types of treatments. In attics, for example, it is important to use spray and other powder insecticides. A perimeter is created that can completely isolate the room, preventing scorpions from reaching the most frequented parts or even infesting the condominium.

What attracts scorpions to the house?

In Italy there are no dangerous scorpions. So if you happen to find such animals on your property, there is no need to be more alarmed than necessary. In search of food and a better den, they hide everywhere. For this reason it is not unusual to find these arthropods in the garden and other areas. The ground itself can be a hiding place for scorpions, as can stones and rocks.

During the day it is difficult to meet them, but in the dark they start to move and this is where they can be spotted. A humid environment is an ideal place, as well as a great attraction for them.

Reached the goal they stop and live there, thus coming to nest. Clearly with the passage of time they multiply and you will no longer be able to ignore their presence. You will therefore have to contact a pest control company.

How to DIY them away

Fortunately, there are a number of ways to get scorpions away from your property by doing it yourself. However, they are useful when the problem is minor and there is no real disinfestation.

Cats are excellent predators, have highly developed senses and truly impressive reflexes. Among their prey, there are really scorpions! Roosters likewise hunt them, so if you live in the countryside, these animals can be of great help to you.

One method to keep them away from your home is certainly to be careful in closing windows, doors, and any openings that they can use to hide. They are small in size so they hide well and pass through very small openings.

An air conditioner or dehumidifier are useful tools that you can use to your advantage. Their use eliminates humidity from the environment. Of course, the air conditioner makes the area even cooler when needed. So in one shot you can eliminate the 2 main causes that attract scorpions, namely humidity and heat from the environment.

Certainly there is no lack of the use of special insecticides, with which scorpions absolutely avoid coming into contact. Use them to create a perimeter around the room. Be careful not to spray too much inside the house. Green light for uninhabited areas such as attics, garege and cellars.

Most common scorpions in Italy

It's time to talk about some of the most common Italian scorpions. Although there are no particular dangers, a little information never hurts. Here are three species you might come across.

  • Euscorpius italicus. It is the largest scorpion in Italy. It can measure up to 6 cm in length, a record if compared to other common species in the Bel Paese. It is obviously not a dangerous scorpion, it can be poisonous but, unless you are allergic, it does not cause any major problems. Its color is usually black, the paler legs tending to red. Common in cellars, under wood and in attics.
  • Euscorpius flavicaudis. A scorpion measuring up to 4.5cm. In Italy it is not unusual in the Tyrrhenian and all western areas. It tends to prefer gardens but can easily end up in cellars or garages if it is looking for a lot of humidity and warm environments. It can be black or dark brown, while the legs are yellow-red. It is not dangerous.
  • Euscorpius germanus. A small scorpion, which is common in the Italian Alps. He is always looking for rather humid places to live. The largest specimens reach about 3 cm in length. Also in this case the color is generally black, but it can have light shades.

Where do they hide in homes?

Knowing where they hide is important, so that you can verify their real presence and for pest control professionals to defeat them precisely and accurately. The discoveries are mainly hidden in these places:

  • Wardrobes (inside and below)
  • Drawers
  • Cartons and boxes
  • Attics (behind the beams, in the coves in the wall, behind the baseboards ...)
  • Cellars (under the tiles, the shelves, objects deposited for some time ...)
  • Shoes
  • Blankets (not used in time)
  • Bathroom (the wettest place in the house!)

When changing the wardrobe, for example, empty it well and check everything, even inside the boxes. The perfect burrows are the dark and humid ones, you can see them thanks to ultraviolet lights. Scorpions glow when exposed to rays, making them easier to spot.

In addition to cleaning and tidiness, remember to open the windows. Airing the environment is useful as a prevention against scorpions. This is because humidity is one of the main causes that attracts them to homes. Remember that they have the ability not to eat for a long time (even months) and therefore are more difficult to eliminate. The intervention of a company specializing in scorpion pest control is therefore even more necessary. Contact us for a free quote and definitively solve your problem!

Disinfestation of Scorpions