Export to Australia and New Zealand: goods shipped through containers from Italy are subject to specific health measures, aimed at coping with the risk of introduction of the Asian bedbug (Halymorpha halys) in their agriculture. Due to the high percentage of finds of live specimens of the insect, in fact, the Australian and New Zealand authorities have decided to extend the measures already applied since 2017 to shipments of agricultural vehicles and machinery to additional goods.

Saranno accettati ai punti di ingresso in tali paesi i beni accompagnati da certificati attestanti lo svolgimento di specifici trattamenti, rilasciati esclusivamente da operatori autorizzati e inseriti nella lista dei PROVIDERS, consultabile nel sito governativo.

We are authorized to carry out both heat treatment and gas treatment (sulfuryl fluoride). The minimum duration of fluoride treatment is 12 hours and 30 minutes for heat treatment.

BMSB fumigations can be performed on any type and size of container, for example:

  • Container 20 and 40 BOX; Container 20 and 40 HIGH CUBE; Container FLAT-RACK; Container OPEN TOP

For any information or questions about the BMSB campaign you can contact us at the following addresses:

SILVIA CRESTANI – silvia@radit.it phone: 0422-431334

Fumigazioni BMSB contro Cimice Asiatica