Hydrogen phosphorus or phosphine is applied in the disinfestation of foodstuffs: mills, pasta factories, warehouses, silos, cereal warehouses, confectionery industries, dried fruit and date warehouses. It can also be used in the treatments of food in the zoological field, in the holds of ships and closets, as well as in containers.

Destroy animal parasites at all stages of development (eggs, larvae and adults): Calandra granaria, Calandra oryzae, Trogoderma granarium, Tribolium spp., Tenebrioides mauritanicus, Rhizopertha dominica, Oryzaephilus surinamensis, Acanthoscelides obsoletus, Tinea interella granella, Plodeniphu , Sitotroga cerealella, Lasioderma serricorne, Acarus siro.

The disinfestations of stored cereals are carried out only when the presence of pests is found and without having to remove the products. Since phosphine is a toxic gas, an authorization issued by the competent Police Headquarters is required.

In addition to the dose of use, the result of fumigation depends on numerous factors such as: the type of parasite to be combated, the "tightness" of the environment to be fumigated, humidity, temperature, the type of packaging of the goods, the exposure time. Our operators carefully evaluate all the above elements taking into account the following general indications: it is not advisable to carry out the treatment when the temperature is below 10 ° C.

QUENCHING AND TEMPERING:immediately after the reopening of the warehouse - after treatment - the foodstuffs and the environment in which they are stored must be ventilated for at least 48 hours. The absence of gas is ascertained with special detection equipment. The treated products can be released for consumption only after 5/7 days from treatment and after adequate ventilation. After application and before placing the cereals treated for consumption, it is necessary to practice the usual cleaning rules (ventilation, brushing, etc.). Finally, a fumigation certificate is issued stating the intervention performed.

It is important to rely on a competent company with all the authorizations in order because people's health is not put at risk and the effectiveness of the treatment is guaranteed.

Radit complies with all safety regulations and is equipped with licenses and authorizations to ensure a suitable and safe intervention.

Fumigazioni con Idrogeno Fosforato (PH3) nelle Derrate Alimentari