Fumigation is a disinfestation method through which an area is filled with biocidal gas, also called fumigants, to suffocate or poison all the parasites and germs inside it.

To obtain an excellent yield it is necessary:

  • a careful choice of the material for an adequate sealing;

  • take into account the volume of the structure that will be fumigated;

  • the ambient temperature;

  • the exposure time;

  • and the estimate of the fumigant loss (half-life).

To ensure the accuracy of the dosage and concentration in the environment to be subjected to fumigation, monitoring devices are used with detection of the concentration in gr / m3 of gas and fans to facilitate the achievement of the fumigant equilibrium, its circulation and the rapid and effective ventilation of the structure.

Once the pest pests have been eliminated, the remediation work is carried out, which takes place by opening the structure and forced ventilation of the treated rooms. After various inspections by technicians with special instruments, the gas free certificate is issued and the green light is given for the reoccupation of the premises.

Thanks to the long experience in the sector, the professionalism of the specialized technical staff with a regular license for the use of gases and the attendance to regular refresher courses, RADIT is among the most qualified and certified companies at national level for the performance of fumigation.