Treatments in the ports of Venice, Trieste, Ancona and in the Interports of Padua and Milan

Radit performs:

  • Treatments on departing ships: disinfestations, disinfections, fumigations and sanitizations on board the ship aimed at preventing or eradicating the pest on goods or premises.
  • Treatments on arriving ships: reclamation of treatments that took place at departure, fumigation, disinfestation, disinfection and sanitization
  • Treatments on pre-shipment containers: heat treatments and treatments with sulfuryl fluoride gas in full compliance with the strictest provisions imposed by the AQIS, regarding BMSB;
  • Treatments with fumigant suitable for foodstuffs and with products that comply with classified BIO goods and standard treatments on containers for export

Ports and interports are places where the presence of pests is at high risk.

With a significant volume of goods in continuous movement in and out of your plant, the perimeter protection against pests is of fundamental importance and the task of pest control is to guarantee this protection.

The instruments used for these places require high quality standards and state-of-the-art equipment. Radit with its highly specialized team will act quickly to solve any problem.